March 2024: We are in our eleventh year of the CBDs! That's right--it was eleven years ago that we emerged from a time-space-wormhole, three once-upon-a-hippie local dudes re-creating a lost seventies' folk-rock party jam band known as the CBDs. We're old school, playing a groovy mix of the great New American Folk-Rock songbook, putting our own spin on old favorites and originals by the band. We released an album last year--19 songs without a single out-take. Hey, I know, we even surprised ourselves! It's on bandcamp, there's a link at the top of the page. The CBDs will rock your party without knocking down the walls and guarantee a good time.

The sad news is that we lost two dear friends in 2022 who were supremely important to this band: Sharon Ferguson (the band chick's den mother) and Greg Staab (our bassist of the last 9 years). Both will be sorely missed.

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BOCO Cider, Boulder, 4-6pm


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Very Nice Brewing Company, Nederland, 4-6pm

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