Saturday night at Boulder's favorite Biker Bar, The Tune Up (at Full Cycle Bikes)



It's regroovable, man!

Medicinal Music that's good for what ails ya


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The Tune Up's Grand Opening weekend at Full Cycle Bikes.

the CBDs

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photo by Frank LaForge.

Recently emerged from a time-space-wormhole, this lost seventies' folk-rock party jam band known as the CBDs play a groovin' mix of the great New American Hippie songbook, putting their own spin on old favorites and originals by the band. They will rock your party without knocking down the walls and guarantee a good time.

The CBDs enter their eighth year of existence! When shall they return to the outer void of the space-time continuum? Now fully vaccinated against evil and Covid-19 both, they can pursue their medicinal music to their hearts' content.